Do Dryers for Motorcycles Work?

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Motorcycle Dryer used on a Harley Davidson

Motorcycle Dryer used on a Harley Davidson

I know what you are thinking.  Do these motor-cycle dryers actually work? First of all, we need to discuss what exactly you want it to do.  Do you want it to get all the water off your paint, chrome, engine, wheels and every other spot that can hold water?  If so, then YES it works great!  If you want it to wax your bike so you don’t have to do anything, dream on.  Entice your wife or girlfriend to do that!  Good luck too!  The Air Shammy motorcycle dryer is the best bargain in the motorcycle industry.  You will pay over $100 more for a comparable unit at any Harley dealer and at least $80 more from any on-line store.  And Air Shammy guarantees that you will be satisfied.  What more do you need?  Check it out at

Ride Hard and Ride Safe!


Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet is Safe?

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I love this argument!  Yeah, we should make everyone wear a motorcycle helmet, even pedestrians!  Hey, if they are going to take the freedom to choose away from bikers, then why not from everyone?  Personally, I think driving in a convertible is as dangerous as a motorcycle.   


Well you have heard of the 1%er’s, little did you know that, as a biker, you are part of the 6%er’s.  

Want to avoid a motorcycle accident?
Don’t drive near cars.  Cars account for the largest percentage of motorcycle related accidents.  

Ride Hard, Ride Safe and just freaking Ride!

Rednecking it in Kentucky

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Red Neck Hot Dog Roasting

Red Neck Hot Dog Roasting

Since moving to Kentucky, I have had to attempt to understand rednecks.  No my Tina is not a redneck (thank God!) but it seems that a lot of people around here proudly consider themselves rednecks.  While I do live out in the country, we really are not that far from a progressive town (ok so Lexington is not that progressive compared to NYC or LA).  Living in a small town has its advantages – there are fewer stop lights, no malls, and ummm…thats about it.  This place would suck if you were not married to a beautiful woman like I am. However, I do work with some rednecks who can field dress a deer right there in the middle of the road after they hit it with their car.  How much more redneck can it get?

Of course there is this:


When you call the front desk and say, I gotta leak in my sink, and the clerk replies, ‘Go ahead’.

Of course you need to know that, even the rednecks here in northern Kentucky (yes grasshopper, the people here divide Kentucky into Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Kentucky), attempt to distance themselves from the real rednecks in the southern and eastern parts of this state.  So how redneck you are is all relative (no pun intended!).


1) The DNA is all the same

2) There are no dental records

I wonder how redneck I am gonna get in the next few years.   Hopefully, I will not turn into a redneck biker.  (my apologies to those who consider themselves a redneck biker).  


Two redneck hunters were driving through the country to go bear hunting.  They came upon a fork in the road where a side read “BEAR LEFT” so they went home.

Ride Safe and Ride Hard!


For Wanna-Be Motorcycle Riders

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Perfect for "Real Bikers"

Perfect for "Real Bikers"

Now I have seen everything. For those motorcycle owners who want to prove to their buddies that they ride a lot, they can now get this attachment! Yeah, nothing like racking up the miles when you are trailering your bike.  Got to hand it to someone who designed this – people buy stuff to boost their ego.   What kind of fool would actually buy this?  Lets see – I own a custom motorcycle but I do not ride that much so my friends make fun of me…sooo………….I will put on useless miles and trick them to believe I drove from NY to California!!  Doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of owning a motorcycle in the first place?  Now I am not going to pass judgment on someone who rides only on the weekends, or only when the weather is above 80F, or only when the forecast has a 0% change of rain, or only when they do not have to ride more than 20 miles at a time.  OK, forget it i will!  Sell the freaking bike and e-bay your leather jacket.  Please do yourself a favor and the entire biker community.  Unless you have ridden, at least 10K miles, you probably are a danger on the road.  

Of course, that is my humble opinion and since this is my blog, I can scream that from this computer!  

Seriously, take a motorcycle course offered by AMA or a community college.  Learn how to ride and control your bike.  Learn on short weekend rides and then join a group that rides.  

There is no more freedom than being on 2-wheels with the wind in your face and bugs in your teeth.

Welcome to Our Blog!

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biker_dude_1-521x341Isn’t this what it is all about?  Wind in your face, the freedom to ride, the right to wear or not wear a helmet…..If we are not fighting for these rights collectively, what are we fighting for?  If you happened upon this blog by accident and are not a rider, then you probably have no clue what I am talking about.  

There are rights we have as Americans – and those rights have been earned with the most sacrifice one can make – their very life.  I was never in the military – my battle scars are from other fights – but I thank every veteran who sacrificed.  The very freedoms we hold dear may not exist today if it was not for them.  Thank you.

Freedom – that is what we all want.  And once one has tasted that freedom – it is the most difficult thing to surrender. 

This blog will be my ramblings, my thoughts, dreams, hopes and my twisted mind.  It is my hope that it will inspire, fire you up, make you think, and challenge you.  We may not agree about what is said, but if you respect my opinion then I will respect yours.  Fair enough?